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Price is per dozen quantity.

Cut Cable Length: 5 feet

Cable Size: 7x7 3/32” Galvanized Aircraft Cable
Support Collar: Universal Twist On
Lock: ADC 180 Reverse Bend Washer

Deer Stop: 3/32” Stop, 2 ½” Diameter Loop

Break Away: 350 pound J Hook

Loop Limit: 3/32 stop, 12” Diameter Loop Limit

Anchor End: 9 gauge wire swivel

Target Animal: Fox, Coyote

Quantity: 12 single snares


This snare meets all requirements for Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin’s cable restraint laws.

Deer Stop: A standard deer stop makes a 2 ½" diameter loop. It is a stop we crimp in the snare during assembly that prevents the snare loop from closing all the way.  The deer stop allows a leg caught deer to pull its leg back through the snare, and allows you to re-set the snare. Check your state's regulations when it comes to deer stops, some states require them, some don't, and some have specific diameters the deer stop must be set at. This is also a live catch stop for fox.

Loop Limit: A stop we crimp on the cable during assembly that prevents the snare from opening too far.  This snares’ loop limit is set at a 12” diameter loop.


MO, WI, PA Legal Ready-Made Snares


    MO, WI, PA Legal Ready-Made Snares


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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