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The AD400 offers the convenience of attaching a high quality, feature filled predator decoy to most ICOtec electronic predator calls. ICOtec designed this decoy with a speed dial, whisper quiet motor, intermittent motion, 2 quick-change toppers, LED light for night hunts and it has its own power source so it will not drain your call batteries.

The ICOtec AD400 is a light weight, compact, easy to operate, fantastic quality with low power consumption, electronic decoy. The ICOtec AD400 is how predator hunting was intended to be. Dead Serious!

When it comes to quality, innovation and value, ICOtec delivers results that you can count on, product after product. ICOtec predator attraction equipment is designed with your hunt and your results in mind.

ICOtec AD400 Decoy

SKU: AD400
    • Attaches directly to ICOtec GC300, GC320, GC350 and GC500 either GEN 1 or GEN 2, Outlaw, or Night Stalker.
    • Operates on auto mode only with ICOtec GC300
    • Works with ICOtec GC320, GC350 and GC500 remote controls GEN1
    • Works with all GEN2 Remote Controls
    • 2 quick change prey toppers
    • LED light for topper illumination
    • Speed dial control
    • Separate power source for longer run time
    • Quiet motor, no gear noise
    • Intermittent motion
    • Decoy requires 4 AA batteries (1.5 volt), not included

ICOtec AD400 Decoy


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