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Designed to be used with the HAGz® Universal Lock for a hassle free trap connection in the field.

✦Fits 1/2 smooth rods
✦Accommodates 3/8" T-bar stakes
✦Peen on design - No bolts, screws or pins
✦HAGz® Universal Locks slide over stake end to attach/remove trap from rod

Dozen pack includes 12 stake/12 stop ends.

The value in this design is really shines with in the field use; For instance, you can now permanently attach your HAGz® Universal Lock to your trap as the lock will slide over the stake end, creating a simpler transport/carry and hookup at the trap site. This method is MUCH preferred over having to leave a lock on the rod with a "quick" attach device - can be slow and prone to failure.

Additionally, setting the trap is safer as you now can install the bottom of the rod, set trap (In or out of the water) and slide lock with set trap over end then stake. This is MUCH preferred over having a swinging trap (often set) from the rod while you insert the bottom end - unsafe, cumbersome and prone to snapped traps. 

This design also allows quick change up between rods, wire, chain, etc.. This is MUCH preferred over having to have additional locks setting aside for single use cases or needing tools to switch between methods - slow and wasteful.

We had several designs over the last few seasons, came full circle several times, just couldn’t stop coming back to this style of stake end, so we perfected it!

Don't take our word for it, try em yourself and you will see; these HAGz® Beaver Rod Ends with HAGz® Universal Locks and Fiberglass Beaver Rods are an AWESOME system!

HAGz Beaver Rod Ends

    HAGz Beaver Rod Ends


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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