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Full Metal Jacket Trap & Snare Dip is a clear dip that wears like iron.  After 24 hours Full Metal Jacket is odor free.  It is a trap dip for predator traps, land body grip traps and snares.  You can use this dip in the water too, but will get a milky color.  It will still protect and seal in the metal from rust in the water, but you will need to scrape your trigger and dog.

Now a snare man can paint or dye his snares and then add the dip to hide the smell of metal from the animal.  Your catch will go way up, once you turn off the nose of the animal.  This dip works great on new, painted, dyed or un-dyed traps and snares.  No need to build a fire or add the odor of gas to your gear. This works so good that you can dip your traps and throw them in the yard and 3-5 months later, use them without rust to deal with.

While testing Full Metal Jacket Clint Locklear recorded a 6 to 1 catch ratio over dyed traps.  This dip seals in the odor and stops the rust from giving your equipment away.

Full Metal Jacket is sold by the gallon.  You can dip over 60 footholds per gallon.  No need to add anything, just dip and go catch fur.

Full Metal Jacket Trap & Snare Dip


    Full Metal Jacket Trap & Snare Dip


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