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The Duke #4 trap is an economical solution to a full size, 4-coil trap, and widely used in many areas.  Legend has it this trap was originally designed to catch dingo in Australia, but it has also gained its place in the American fur shed as well.  The stock Duke #4 trap comes with a single blade pan that measures only 6.336 square inches.  While designing the Expand-A-Pan for the Duke #4, we found that the single blade design of the original, stock pan was not stable and was difficult to adjust pan tension on.  The Expand-A-Pan widens the pan base with a dual pan leg setup, and we include the required #8 bolt, nut, and spacers necessary for easy installation.  This wider pan base with the dual leg system increases the pan’s stability and the flexibility in setting desired pan tensions.  The Expand-A-Pan for the Duke #4 measures 16.123 square inches and is 254% the size of the original stock pan, resulting in a much more functional system for catching a variety of animals.  Expand-A-Pan……Go Big Or Go Home!

Expand-A-Pan Duke #4 Replacement Bolt On Pan

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    Expand-A-Pan Duke #4 Replacement Bolt On Pan


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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