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The Bridger #3 Dogless trap is the trap of choice for us here at Expand-A-Pan.  This trap is relatively new to the market, and is loaded with useful functions.  It is the main trap that we run, and when modified with an Expand-A-Pan, had taken everything from coons to coyotes, beaver to fox, and most everything in between on our trap line.  The Bridger #3 Dogless carries an original pan measuring 9.629 square inches, but by replacing it with an Expand-A-Pan, the surface area of the pan is increased 197% to 18.240 square inches.  Replacement is as simple as removing the pan bolt, discarding the stock pan, and bolting the Expand-A-Pan back in it’s place with the original pan bolt.  This is a quick and easy solution to make an already good trap much better.  Expand-A-Pan……Go Big Or Go Home!  

Expand-A-Pan Bridger #3 Dogless

    Expand-A-Pan Bridger #3 Dogless


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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