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The Bridger #3 Dog Type Trap is one of the standard, go to traps for many, many trappers across the land.  The trap comes stock with a single blade pan that measures 6.178 square inches.  During Expand-A-Pan’s design phase of this pan, we widened the pan legs to increase the stability of the pan and increased the surface area by 259% to 16.010 square inches.  Because we widened the dual pan legs, the trapper has greater flexibility in setting their desired pan tension, and we provide the new #10 bolt, nut, and spacers required to easily and quickly bolt this pan onto your trap.  We believe that your catch will increase when you use an Expand-A-Pan for the Bridger #3 Dog type trap.  Expand-A-Pan……Go Big Or Go Home!  

Expand-A-Pan Bridger #3 Dog Type

    Expand-A-Pan Bridger #3 Dog Type


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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