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The Bridger #2 Dog Type trap has taken thousands of animals for a number of years, and has been one of those industry standard pieces of equipment for trappers.  The Bridger #2 dog on comes with a single blade pan measuring 4.476 square inches.  Expand-A-Pan converted this design to a dual leg pan support, and includes a new, longer #10 bolt, nut, and spacers for mounting the Expand-A-Pan to the existing pan base tabs on the trap.  The wider base allows flexibility to select your desired pan tension and adds stability to the pan.  The Expand-A-Pan increases the pan surface area to 12.763 square inches, or 285% of the original surface area, giving your trap dramatically more kill area and resulting in more fur in your shed.  Expand-A-Pan……Go Big Or Go Home!

Expand-A-Pan Bridger #2 Dog Type

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    Expand-A-Pan Bridger #2 Dog Type


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