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Dakotaline Dip is a product that Mark Steck developed over a period of 7 years of testing. He is confident that he has a product that you will like. No tackiness on the traps, no need to mix with petroleum products, odorless and dries quick. This dip mixes with water, not gas!

How to use Dakotaline Trap and Snare dip on your traps:

1 Quart of dip needs to be mixed with 1.5 quarts of water giving 2.5 Quarts of solution.  This will dye 2-3 Dozen smaller 1.5 sized traps and 1-2 dozen larger traps.


Available in: Black, Brown, or Tan

Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip Quart


    Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip Quart


    #1 Muskrat Wire Stretchers

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