Price is for ONE TRAP only, no accessories included. Does not come in CINCH® box.

CINCH® Traps are the leaders in organic gopher control and have been a trusted American brand since 1909. All of our products are built to last year after year from American steel and are manufactured in the USA in Oregon. 

  • CINCH Traps are quality crafted out of durable and long lasting galvanized steel making it simple to trap and kill gophers the first time.
  • There is no way a gopher will be able to steal this trap, it is designed to have one end wider than the hole so the gopher cannot pull it down the tunnel.
  • Designed so you can tell when the trap has been triggered without having to remove the gopher. You can easily release the trap and leave the dead gopher in the tunnel.


  • Small Mole: For tunnels approximately 1.5″ inches wide
  • Medium Mole/Small Gopher: For tunnels approximately 2.25″ inches wide
  • Large Mole/Medium Gopher: for tunnels approximately 3″ inches wide

CINCH® Mole/Gopher Trap