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August 19, 2016

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Recently, we had a customer stop by who wanted to start stocking up for this upcoming season.  Not too out of the ordinary, really, but don't roll your eyes and move on just yet.  

We struck up a conversation which turned to how he is going to teach a young neighbor boy the basics of trapping this year and was getting a few supplies for him to get him started. His reasoning behind such a task was that he was first and foremost excited to get out trapping after many years of not participating, and was equally as happy to get a youngster interested not only in the outdoors, but in trapping. He reminisced on his first years of trapping with a few rusty old traps he found in an old shed and how he caught enough to sell and buy a brand new trap the next year. This customer was also planning on skinning and stretching beavers for the first time this year due to the fact that even if he messed u...

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